Important Note from the Ministry of Education (3rd Sec. ).

Dear students and parents of 3rd secondary,

If you are interested in postponing your official exams for next year or reexamination time this summer, fill in the attached Postponement forms. Postponement will not affect your final grades in both cases. Delivering an acceptable excuse is a must if you are going to postpone till reexamination time but if you are postponing for next year, no excuse is needed.


Forms will be available for 2 days only. Fill it in before Monday 15th June, 2020.

في حالة التاجيل للدور الثاني تكون الاوراق المطلوبة كالاتي :

ملحوظة هامة :

التأجيل يشمل جميع مواد الدور الأول إلى الدور الثانى 2020.

دون المساس بإتباع القواعد الأخرى المعمول بها فى تأجيل أداء الامتحان للدور الثانى بالدرجة الفعلية.

المرفقات :

Bulletin Board و المرفقات في ال   Emailاستمارة التاجيل المرفقة في ال

صورة ضوئية من رقم جلوس الطالب

صورة ضوئية من بطاقة الرقم القومى (الطالب / ولى الأمر)

المستندات الدالة على الحالة المرضية.

في حالة التاجيل للعام القادم تكون الاوراق المطلوبة كالاتي :

ملحوظه هامة : يتم تحرير طلب التأجيل للطالب الذى له حق دخول الامتحان هذا العام.

المرفقات :

Bulletin Board و المرفقات في ال   Emailاستمارة التاجيل المرفقة في ال

صورة ضوئية من رقم جلوس الطالب.

صورة ضوئية من بطاقة الرقم القومى ( الطالب / ولى الأمر).

اجراءات التأجيل ستكون متاحة فقط يومي الأحد 14 يونيو و الاثنين 15 يونيو فقط


Exam Rules for 3rd Sec. .

Dear 3rd Sec. Student and Parents,

Hope this message finds you well. We really miss your presence during this Quarantine Social Distancing. Hope you are all safe and sound.

        No one could believe that our academic year is coming to its end. We hope you would achieve great progress in your final exam.

Final Exams Rules

  1. Students must stick to school uniform during exam days.
  2. School is not responsible for any delayed students .

4.Sorry to inform you that  No Buses will be available during exams  Due to safety rules 


  • You should stick to School uniform ( Senior T-shirt or School T-shirt , Blue Jeans ) No Sweat Pants , No crocs, No Make up for girls
  • Sticking to the school uniform is a MUST.
  • School won’t be responsible for any violation of the above-mentioned rules.
  • In case of any misbehavior, student will be prevented from attending the school graduation.

School Administration


Important Note from the Ministry of Education (2nd Sec. ).

Dear parents and students ,

Urgently open the below link and fill in the form with your choice (Art – science or Math section) as it is needed by the ministry of education as soon as possible.

عاجل : تم نزول رابط من موقع وزاره التربيه والتعليم للطلاب لتحديد الشعبه ويجب علي جميع الطلاب سرعه التسجيل قبل غلق الموقع ويرجي أيضا اخبار زمايلكم للتسجيل الرابط :


Choice Form & IT contacts during Final Exam 1st Sec.

Dear parents and students of first secondary,

Please fill in the below form to choose whether your son / daughter will join the science or Art section next year.


Find attached final exam schedule and below is the IT support team contacts who will be available through what’s app for solving any technical problems during exam period.

Class IT supporter What’s app No.
1A , 1B MR. Medhat Anwar 01001463967
1C ,1D Mr. Abdullah 01002803108
1E , 1F Mr. Ahmed Hamdy 01005770121
1G Mr. Ahmed Ragab 01091277967
1H Mr. Mohamed Fathi 01005230787
1I Mr. Hany Ibrahim 01281229484



Choice Form & IT contacts during Final Exam 2nd Sec.

Dear parents and students of second secondary scientific section,

Please fill in the below form to choose whether your son / daughter will join the science or math section next year.

This Form will be available till 27th April, 20200


Find attached final exam schedule and IT support team contacts who will be available through what’s app for solving any technical problems during exam period.

Class IT supporter What’s app No.


Mr. Abdullah 01002803108
Mr. Hany Ibrahim 01281229484

2D, 2E, 2F

Mr. Ahmed Hamdy 01005770121
Mr. Mohamed Fathi 01005230787

2G,2H, 2I

MR. Medhat Anwar 01001463967
Mr. Ahmed Ragab 01091277967


Good Luck


Important Note for 2nd Sec. Students تعليمات هامة خاصة باختباراللصف الثاني الثانوي

السادة أولياء الامور

برجاء العلم بانه بناء على ما ورد إلينا من الاإدارة التعليمية الان بانه تم اتاحة  تطبيق الكترونى جديد لتسجيل طلب التقدم للإختبارات الإلكترونية للصف الثانى الثانوى

و المقرر عقدها 29 ابريل 2020 .

يرجى من جميع الطلاب تاكيد صحة البيانات و طلب إنشاء اكواد الاختبارات ، ويتاح التسجيل حتى يوم الخميس 16 ابريل 2020

   يتم تسجيل الدخول للطالب المصرى من خلال (IMEI  و  بيانات الرقم القومى ) والغير مصرى( IMEI  والكود )

المطلوب من الطالب المراجعة الدقيقة لبياناته المؤثرة فى الاختبارات وهى ( الشعبة – اللغة الاولى و اللغة الثانية

ويقوم بتسجيل وسيلة التواصل ( التليفون لولى الامر – الطالب – العنوان – محافظة العنوان)

و إذا كانت جميع البيانات صحيحة يقوم بطلب انشاء اكواد الاختبارات القادمة وذلك بوضع علامة صح امام اقرار بان  (جميع البيانات التعليمية ( الشعبة  – اللغة الاولى واللغة الثانية ) صحيحية و سوف اتقدم للاختبار الالكترونى عليها )  ثم يضعط على زر حفظ.

يرجى التنبيه المشدد على طلبة  الصف الثاني الثانوي بمراجعة بياناته جيدا قبل تأكيد صحة بياناته وطلب انشاء اكواد الاختباراتلأن بمجرد نزول كود الاختبارات له لن يتمكن من تصحيح الأخطاء


Trial Exam Problems

Dear parents and students of 1st secondary

Hope you are all fine,

If you have faced a problem today with your online exam please send your problem with your full name on what’s app of the following contact:

    • Mr. Medhat Anwar :01001463967


    • For any inquiries during exams please don’t call the IT supporter but use only the what’s app messages 


IT Supporters During 1st Sec. Trial Exam

Dear parents and students of 1st secondary,

Wish you are ready for your trial exam that will start tomorrow.

As it is your first time to sit for an exam on the tablet and because you are home and may need help to finish the exam online successfully, the IT department will be on call to give you a hand if needed and answer your inquiries on the following contacts:


IT supporter

What’s app No.

1A , 1B

MR. Medhat Anwar  01001463967

1C ,1D

Mr. Abdullah   01002803108

1E , 1F

Mr. Ahmed Hamdy 01005770121


Mr. Ahmed Ragab 01091277967


Mr. Mohamed Fathi 01005230787


Mr. Hany Ibrahim 01281229484
  • Please check the below Link for More instructions about Trial Exam :

  • German copybooks are at school and you can pick them up tomorrow from 12 pm to 2:00 pm at the secondary school building.


Good Luck

ELS secondary Administration


Instructions for 1st Sec. Trial Exam

Dear Beloved ELSians;

It’s been a long time not telling you that we really miss you .

*“In the middle of every crisis; lies great opportunity.” -Alber Einstein *

Here we have got millions of opportunities.

  • Firstly , that we know that you are a blessing.
  • Secondly, Each one of us will recognize everyone’s value.
  • Thirdly, It’s a golden chance to self- evaluate yourself.

Staying Home safe and sound creates a good opportunity to study, recap values and evaluate yourself.

Grab the chance and teach yourself to be a self learner who can make use of every chance around.

  • Please be sure to check the below Link

  • Follow the instructions carefully to receive the exam codes.

كي يتم ظهور اكواد الاختبار للطلاب ،   يستلزم  ذلك تأكيد البيانات ويتم ظهور اكواد الاختبار بعد التأكيد وحفظ البيانات.

طالب الذي لم يؤكد بياناته لن يتمكن من الحصول على كود الاختبار.

  • The trial exam schedule & Instructions are attached
  • In case of any inquiries contact It department on Mobile No.& what’s app :  01229111144.

Best of Luck

استلام شريحة التابلت للصف الأول الثانوي

بناءً على ما ورد إلينا من الإدارة التعليمية بانه سيتم تسليم الشرائح الخاصة بطلاب الصف الأول الثانوي يوم الاربعاء الموافق 1 إبريل من مدرسة القاهرة الرسمية للغات من الساعة 9 صباحاً و حتى 5 عصراً .

.في حالة ذهاب الطالب بنفسه يأخذ معه أصل البطاقة أو أصل شهادة الميلاد الخاصه به وكود الطالب الذي تم استلامه مع التابلت

.في حالة ذهاب ولي الأمر بدون الطالب يأخذ أصل شهادة ميلاد الطالب وأصل بطاقة ولي الامر وكود الطالب الذي تم استلامه مع التابلت


تعليمات خاصة بالتابلت للصف الأول الثانوي

Open the attached link below to watch a video showing how to use the tablet to sit for your exam .
The video specially shoot for ELS students.


لروابط التي يحتاج إليها طالب الصف الأول والثاني الثانوى

رابط منصة الامتحان من البيت
رابط المكتبة الرقمية
رابط بنك المعرفه
رابط ال lms

For any inquires concerning the tablet contact the IT department on Mobile No. : 01001463967
For any questions, remarks or complains contact secondary administration on email :

برجاء العلم بانه تم اخطارنا من قبل الإدارة التعليمية بأن أرقام الجلوس و الأكواد الخاصة بالامتحان التجريبي سترسل إلى المدارس و لم ترد الينا معلومات عن الموعد لمحدد و بناءً على ذلك سيتم تحديد كيفية استلام الطلاب لهذه الأكواد . أما بخصوص الشريحة الخاصة بالتابلت لم يرد إلينا اي تعليمات بخصوصها و سيتم  ارسال اي  تعليمات جديدة مباشرة إلى أولياء الأمور

 تدقيق بيانات الطالب والتابلت واستلام البريد الاكترونى وكلمة السر

  • على كل طالب فى الصف الأول الثانوي والثانى الثانوى تدقيق بياناته بنفسه من خلال الرابط التالي
  • من فضلك قم باستكمال بيانات  التابلت الخاص بك وبيانات التواصل فى حالة عدم اكتمالها وفي حالة وجود خطأ في أي من البيانات الأساسية مثل الشعبة أو التخصص فقم بتحديد الخيار بياناتى بها بعض الأخطاء وقم بالتواصل مع مدرستك في أقرب وقت ممكن لتعديلها إذا كانت بياناتك عزيزى الطالب  سليمة اختر (كافة بياناتى صحيحة وسليمة )
  • إذا كانت بياناتك عزيزى الطالب  غير سليمة وبها أخطاء اختر (بياناتي بها بعض الأخطاء) وقم بالتواصل مع مدرستك في أقرب وقت ممكن لتعديلها ثم قم بالضعط على زر  ( تأكيد وحفظ البيانات  ) .
  • هام جدا لتحديث و تاكيد البيانات على قاعده بيانات الوزاره الالكترونيه ارجو اتباع الخطواب  السابقة بعنايه بعد قراءه الميل جيدا و فى حال وجود مشكله راسل المدرسة عبر البريد الاليكتروني التالي . مع كتابة اسم الطالب و البيانات المطلوب تصحيحها .
Reopening dates for the academic year 2019/2020

3rd sec.  : Monday  26th August, 2019

2nd Sec. : Wednesday  11th September, 2019

1st sec. :  Sunday 15th  September, 2019

School Hours

Please be notified that school hours during the coming period will be as follow:

·         From Wednesday 11th Sep.

till Wednesday 18th Sep.

From 7:30 to 1:00 pm
·         Thursdays  12th & 19th From 7:30 to 1:30 pm



  • Starting from Sunday 22nd : Regular school hours
    • Sunday        Wednesday : 7:30 till 2:30
    • Thursdays : 7:30 till 1:30
  • Refer to the Handbook on web-site for any rules and regulations


  • Sorry for not accepting any student to attend school if not wearing the proper school uniform
    As for 3rd Sec. Students (Seniors 20) , they should attend school wearing their Senior T-shirt and Blue jeans.
  • Shoes’ colours for secondary stage are Plain Black Shoes for 1st & 2nd Sec.

Thank you.

School Administration  

Parent - School communication important Notice

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that Parents-School   communication will be through Emails beside the school website so please if there are any updates if your email you are kindly requested to contact the stage administration. Please check your e-mail and web-site regularly.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Beginning of Year Important Notes and Rules

General Rules

Dear Parents and Students,

A new academic year is beginning, hopefully a fruitful one. Aspiring to establish the unity of home- school relationship, we would like you to read the following regulations thoroughly.

  • Students have to abide by proper school uniform at all times.
  • No hats or caps are allowed.
  • Head scarves should be plain white, blue or grey
  • Makeup or jewellery are not allowed for girls (simple plain earrings)
  • No long hair is allowed for boys. ( No Fancy Hair Cuts ) girls should tie their
  • All students are expected to be clean, tidy and smart. Punctuality is a must .
  • Students are to play football wearing dark blue shorts or pants and white T-shirt.
  • Students are to keep their school clean at all time (throw litter in bin, no writing on walls or desks or doors). Students are to take care of school property.
  • NO MOBILE PHONES or electronic devices (iPods, MP3 ... etc) are allowed in school and all around school campus (Buses Area and in front of all school gates ). If a student needs to call home during the school day or after, it will be through the Sec. Administration or any teacher.
  • No foul language is allowed in all school premises and buses.
  • No students are allowed to leave lessons to buy anything from canteen (only during break times).
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in school.
  • No running on stairs or in school corridors.
  • Violence is not accepted under any circumstances in school premises and on buses.
  • No Students will be allowed to enter the school premises without their books or tools ( pens ,sheets, booklets.... etc) and they should use school bags.
  • In case of dismissal from any class the student will be registered as absent the whole day.
  • Office hour's starts from 1:15 till 2:30, students are not allowed to stay inside the school premises or outside the school gates after the school hours for any reason.
  • Students will have weekly quizzes and monthly exams according to an announced schedule.
  • Students are not allowed to go to students’ affairs, accountant office, doctor or any other ELS buildings without written permission from Sec administration.
  • Students are expected to respect each other and respect staff administrators at all times
  • Students are to arrive to school and leave school in their proper school uniform or senior T-shirt and blue jeans Trousers  ( Sweet pants, and black trousers are totally forbidden ) .
  • Gate & Buses rules:
  • Gate students are to be in school at 7:30 till maximum 7:40 a.m. and use Sec gate. Gates will be closed 7:40 a.m.  NO students will be allowed to enter school after 07:40 as the first period starts on 7: 45 am , parents should come to pick up students back home.
  • Buses will pick up students in the morning according to the assigned bus slip, buses will wait for 2 minutes in the morning and any delay won't be tolerated. Besides, matrons aren’t allowed to ring you up before they come (Its totally forbidden).
  • Changing between buses is totally forbidden.
  • Bus students who want to use the gate should take a form from the secondary Administration a day before the required date, or to be printed from ELS website , Then it should be signed and brought back.

Bus services will end with regular school days for 1st and 2nd sec. ( by the first of May ) then starting from beginning of 1st & 2nd Sec. exams there will be bus stops which will continue till the end of 3rd Prep. Exams.

  • خدمة الباصات تنتهي مع بداية امتحانات الصف الأول و الثاني الثانوي و مع بداية هذه الامتحانات تكون هناك اماكن تجمع للباصات stops  حتى الانتهاء من امتحانات الصف الثالث الاعدادي.
  • Gate students are not allowed to use the school buses during exams.


 Failure to abide by these rules will lead to:

  1. Out of uniform students will not be allowed to attend lessons and will be sent home. Insistence on not following uniform regulations lead to suspension.
  2. Girls wearing make-up and boys with long hair will not be allowed to attend lessons and will be sent home. Recurrence of such behaviour will result in suspension.
  3. Any damage to school property will result in paying for the damage and not being allowed to attend classes before that.
  4. If mobiles and electronic devices are seen, they will be confiscated. (mobile is confiscated with SIM card) . One of the student’s parents can only receive the device from the school administration, and that’s after 2 weeks.
  5. Any use of foul language or fighting under any circumstances will result in suspension Duration which will be determined according to severity of action.( even during exams )
  6. Any student found in any area in the school where he/she is not allowed to be present will be suspended.
  7. According to the Ministry of education the student should attend 85% from the school days otherwise he will be منازل
  8. More than 15 days absence the school has the right to:
  • prevent the student from attending the school graduation ceremony.
  • The school will not be responsible for the student during the exams and he will not use the school buses.
  • He / she won’t be able to receive the final certificate شهادة حسن السير و السلوك  at the end of the year.
  • we are looking forward to your cooperation to bring up a respectable member in the society.
  • Concerning absence excuses , parents are kindly requested to Contact the secondary administration ( Mr. Sameh ) before visiting the school in order to set an appointment . 

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Secondary Administration

The Egyptian Language School