Head Mistress's Letter

To All my students As students, you are the most important part of ELS community. We are partners in flourishing and achieving your dreams. Your high school is an important step in your successful life journey. Therefore,it is very important to take all the opportunities provided to you during the academic year. ELS provides positive […]


School Hours Sundays — Wednesdays (7:30 a.m — 2:30 pm) Thursdays (7:30 a.m– 1:30 pm) Reminder : Gates will be closed at 7:40 am and NO students will be allowed to enter school after that time   السادة أولياء الأمور نفيد علم سيادتكم بإلغاء التعامل مع بنك الإمارات – دبي الوطني لسوء الخدمة مع أولياء الاموروالمدرسة […]

Co & extracurricular Activities

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