Communication with parents

“Not all teachers are parents,but all parents are teachers. The most important thing a parent can give a child is the sense of the importance of education”. William Bennett

When children observe that home and school are engaged in a respectful partnership for their benefit they are likely to develop more positive attitude about the school and achieve more, compared to situations in which school and home are seen as worlds apart.
That’s why all members of the school value our parents’ comments and complaints. We treat all of your messages equally and with equal interest.
As each of us has a piece of the picture of the child’s development and each can be more effective when information is shared, the school believes that it is our role to provide all means of communication to fulfill this important aim.

School orientations
Orientations aim to keep parents informed by all the school’s effort towardsits mission. In fact, it answers all parents’ and pupils’ inquires. Consequently, one important orientation takes place at the beginning of the academic year for each stage. Parents are cordially welcomed to ask all questions. Year 9 pupils (Pre-IGCSE) receive a very informative orientation discussing all details concerning the IGCSE i.e. the subjects to be elected for each year.

Orientations are divided into two types ”General Orientation for the New comers” and the in-class orientation” to know the system of each and every subject that we’ll follow throughout the academic year.

Students’ Planners
In case of minor day to day concerns, write a quick note in your child’s planner. The Form tutor will then take care of that and direct it to the concerned person. Planners’ comments are responded to immediately on the same day.

Phone calls/e-mails:
If your concern requires an action from higher managerial aspect, contact your son/daughter stage leader through the school reception or send an e-mail to you son/daughter stage leaderwho will answer you complaint within a maximum of 48 hours.

EBIS e-mail: (
Director: Ms Dalia Khalil | (
Key stage leader (Year 1-4): Ms Mai Aly| (
Key stage Leader (Year 5-8): MsNevineRashad| (
Key stage Leader (Year 9): MsRihamSadek | (

You can always contact the school reception ( 27561782 / 27561789 / 01227343587) to take an appointment with the school director.

Primary Newsletter
A weekly format sent to Years 1 to 6 Parents via e-mails to facilitate follow up with your children and to have a good idea about all the work done weekly in the class.
Parents’ Conferences/ Welcome meetings

We have four parents’ conferences per year.

Generally, In addition, to the scheduled meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays based on the parent’s or the school’s