EBIS Vision:

“We teach for life”.


EBIS is a center of excellence in learning & living. We instill in pupils lifelong love of learning which will empower them to achieve their aspirations. The school will enrich pupils with essential values based on both The British and the Egyptian cultures. Our work is based on collaboration between qualified staff, involved families and community members.

About EBIS/History
Pastoral Care

EBIS Curriculum

EBIS is a Cambridge associate school.An integral part of our mission at EBIS is for the school to be a center of excellence in learning and Living

The curriculum of EBIS meets the ever changing needs of our pupils and is based on the firm foundation of the proven system of British Education (Cambridge International Primary Programme and IGCSE). The programme has been developed by the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) which is the world’s largest provider of the International Education Programmes and qualifications for (5-19 years). The IGCSE is recognized by universities in Egypt and across the world.

EBIS curriculum encourages the development of the most essential skills for success. These skills include linguistic, critical thinking, creative,innovative,Problem solving, Organizational and Leadership skills. These skills are instilled in our pupils through an engaging, student centered and differentiated learning environment.

* Cambridge International Education Programme and Qualifications
* CAMBRIDGE International Primary Programme(CIPP) ForKEY Stage 1 (Year 1 -2) /Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6)/Key Stage 3 (Year 7&8)
* CAMBRIDGE IGCSE(CORE) Programme(Year 9)

EBIS books  are aligned to Cambridge framework objectives, most of books are school property that students should return at the end of the year.

Activities (Physical Education / Art and Music)

PE is a compulsory subject from Years 1-9, pupils follow a curriculum guiding them through different sports, such as, basketball, football, handball, athletics and tennis, alongside techniques helping with coordination and fitness. Years 1and 2 also take swimming lessons, in the EBIS pool, equipped with changing facilities.
Year 1 through 8 have weekly Art and Music Classes.

Teaching and Administrative staff
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IGCSE System

For more information about the IGCSE system click the link below