We would like to officially congratulate you on your promotion to your next academic year at EAIS.


Despite the uncertainty presented by the current COVID-19 situation, we would like to provide you with the information we can so that you can appropriately plan for the 20-21 academic year.


  • School will begin online on Sunday August 23. We will take our time with our students to ensure that they develop a community with their new classes, classmates and teachers. Time will be spent to ensure students are comfortable and  become well acquainted with all of the tools and information they need to succeed.
  • The physical return to school will depend on government regulations and will be based on a blended approach.
  • Attached to this email is a list of materials students will need to be able to actively participate during the scheduled online return to school. These materials will also be used as we continue the academic year. There will be no waste.
  • All students should have access to their own laptop or tablet to be used for school needs. Access to internet and a printer are required. This is for both online and blended learning.
  • Several orientations will be held virtually to ensure that all parents are well oriented with all of our systems, platforms, policies and procedures. Please see the attachment for orientation dates and times.
  • You will be receiving links to updated school handbook and academic outlines as we approach the new academic year.


Upon return to school

  • Upon return to school, the school uniform can be found at Child’s Mall El Sadat Spine, 1st Compound, New Cairo inside The Corner Mall, 1St Floor. (Only plain black or white shoes are acceptable)
  • More information will be sent regarding buses.


To ensure that you are kept up to date

  • It is important to check your email and visit the website regularly for important updates. All information regarding school events will be made available on the school website.
  • Please make sure you have a working email address registered with the school as all correspondence is via email


Please note that the EAIS building will be closed from June 18 to August 4.

The cashier office is opened daily from 9am-1pm Sun-Wed and 12pm Thurs.


We wish you a restful summer holiday.

Stay safe. God bless.


EAIS 2020-21

Orientation Schedule


Please save these important dates.

Virtual meeting links will be made available as we approach the orientation dates.


Date & Time Orientation Title and Grade Level Description
Tuesday August 18, 2020 @ 11am Grade 3

Parent Orientation for all Parents

The transition from grade 2 to grade 3 is significant but does not have to be difficult. This session will help you manage your expectations and simplify the shift that happens.
Tuesday August 18, 2020 @ 1pm Grades 4-12

Newcomer Orientation for Parents and Students

It is important to become familiar with a new school. This session will give you the information you need to be comfortable to meet the expectations of EAIS.
Wednesday August 19, 2020 @ 11am Grade 1

Parent and Students Orientation and Activities

Grade 2

Newcomer Parents and Students


We will welcome our youngest students and take the time to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe with their new teachers and classmates before they begin their academic year formally. The orientation will include activities, entertainment and information for both our students and their parents.
Wednesday August 19, 2020 @ 1pm Grades 8-12

SAT Orientation for Parents

This session explains the SAT and offers tips on using Khan Academy to successfully navigate your SAT Journey


Thursday August 20, 2020 @ 5pm Orientation to the 20-21 Academic Year for Parents Meet the teachers and become oriented with all academic requirements as well as school expectations, policies and procedure
Thursday August 20, 2020 @ 7pm Technology Support

Grade 1-3 Class Dojo

Grades 4-12 Edmodo

These sessions will help you log on and set up your platform accounts to facilitate communication and follow up with your students.
Closing period instructions

Dear EAIS Community,

We want to thank you for your patience in waiting for instructions as to how we will proceed during the period of school closings.


Please read this email thoroughly for information about

⁃              Proceeding with E-learning during the coming period

⁃              Tips for fruitful daily routines

⁃              Availability to pick up student material

⁃              Events, Activities, and Trips

⁃              Accounting office hours


  • Proceeding with E-Learning

In order to ensure that our students continue attaining the requirements in skill and knowledge for the next level of learning, we will be moving to online platforms for remote learning.


We will proceed with phases of teaching, or rather facilitating self learning; practice which will be monitored for performance and progress; and assessment of the learning during this period. There will be appropriate feedback during each step to ensure comprehension. Assignments and assessments will be graded.


Shortly you will be receiving schedules and more information about the platforms and tools we will be using.


  • Helpful Tips

It’s important during this time to

⁃              Maintain a healthy schedule

⁃              Find ways to be productive

⁃              Follow simple steps to stay healthy and keep those around us healthy

⁃              Avoid socializing, malls, clubs, restaurants etc.

While it is important that we keep up academically, it is also essential to ensure that we are getting adequate exercise and leisure activities. We will be providing our students with exercises, tutorials and competitions to help them follow a fruitful program during their stay at home.


Please take the time to read the attachments with your family.

⁃              Coronavirus No Panic Help Guide (for our parents and older students)

⁃              Child Friendly Explanation of Corona Virus (for our younger students)

⁃              COVID Daily Schedule (a sample daily routine)


  • Student Material Pick Up

Should students require material from their lockers or classrooms you can come to pick them up from Tuesday March 17 to Thursday March 19 from 9am-1pm.


For optimum health welfare we ask you to please not come in groups and to plan on taking your belongings and leaving promptly.


  • Activities, Events, Trips

Upcoming events, activities and trips have been suspended until further notice. We will be informing you of when trip fee refunds will be available.


  • The accounting office will be open daily from 9am-1pm for your service.

Should you need our assistance please send us an email with your inquiry and we will be prompt to respond.

Please note that we will be resuming regular schooling when the Ministry announces.  Until then we will work to ensure that student learning is not affected.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Stay safe and God bless!!