EAIS Link for Handbook Sign Off, Agenda / Books, & Very Special Note from Superintendent Bassiouni

Dear EAIS Students and Parents,

It was amazing having you back at school!!! You are truly the best thing about EAIS!!

Please find attached your first agenda for next week including Zoom links invitations for the at home days for grades (4-12) . We are spending the week in orientation regarding the new system, approach and things our students need to know to be ready.

Elementary students will also find attached the schedule to bring in books by subject.

For students using Edmodo, we have attached a few tips to help troubleshoot until our support session next week.

For students using Class Dojo, grades 1,2 &3, a hard copy of the Class Dojo codes was sent today to students who are not yet connected to Class Dojo. Codes for absent students are kept safe with their homeroom teachers.


Make sure that you revise your handbook and course outlines and sign the contract via this link …


Please be reminded for student safety to send in individual and class hygiene supplies and remember to use email for general communication as opposed to notes.


Please note below a very special note from our superintendent Mrs. Mervat Bassiouni.

My dearest ELSians,

The past 5 months have been filled with different feelings … but one feeling that truly stands out is how much I have missed you!!

As we have worked remotely, teaching from a distance and preparing for your return, all the ways in which you fill the school hallways and classrooms with spirit have been missed!! I have missed your noise in the playground outside my office and your chatter at dismissal time. I’ve missed the lovely moments of discussion and as well as your debates.  I have missed exams, events and even the challenges we face together.

As you begin a new and very different year, I wish you great success seasoned with challenge … as these challenges help shape and grow you into characters ready to face the world and always prepared to find you way.

Always proud of you my dear ELSians.


Dear EAIS Students and Parents,

If you have had trouble downloading your E-books please try again using the links that was sent to you via email.

EAIS First Week of School 2020-21

Dearest EAIS Parents and Students of Grade ___

We are excited for the 2020-21 school re-opening and cannot wait to see our students.

Preparation for this year may be a little bit different from the norm, but we plan to offer you all the information and guidance that you need to begin the year well informed and ready.

Please read this email thoroughly for information about

  • First Week of School and Your Groups
  • Orientation to Our Blended Journey & Meet the Teachers
  • Student Supplies
  • Book Distribution and Ebooks
  • Locker Keys
  • Gate Procedures
  • Preparing Your Technology


First Week of School and Your Groups: 

Student hours will be from 8:20-1:30 on September 15, 16, and 17 and normal school hours of 8:20-3:00 Sun-Thurs will begin on Sunday September 20.

All  bus students MUST use the bus to go home on their first day of school.

Students will receive an email next week with a reminder of first day, blended schedule, class and group.

Orientation to Our Blended Journey & Meet the Teachers:

We have postponed orientation until after the Minister’s address in order to have all the information we need and avoid changes. We will explain in detail our new school approach in blended learning, safety measures, as well academic expectations and requirements for each subject. You will also have the chance to receive technical support if needed. Students and parents new to EAIS are welcome to attend a special hour with your GDS if you should have any further questions after the orientation. We will be postponing the SAT/ACT orientation at this time until we have more information.

Student Supplies: 

With the blended approach and a shift to greater use of technology we have minimized our supply list. However we have also requested that supplies used for activities be limited to personal use. Sharing of supplies will be limited. Please find the student supply list attached.


Book Distribution and Ebooks: 

Parents of grades 1-4 can pick up student books Sun – Thursday beginning Sept 13  from 9am-1pm. The new location for book collection is on the ground floor of the British building next to the finance office. Please make sure that you have finalized any outstanding finances to avoid delays in receiving your students’ books.

Students in grades 5-12 will receive any hard copy books at school.

To better align with our new approach, students in all grade levels will be receiving e-books in either some or all their subjects. You will find attached a list of the books you are receiving.

Links to download e-books will be sent shortly.


Locker Keys:

All locker keys will be distributed to students the first few days of school.


Gate Procedures: 

Please take a few minutes to complete the Gate Liability form at the following link:

You can find complete details of gate dismissal procedures at this link.


Preparing Your Technology: 

In order to ensure a successful beginning, it is important that our students are fully prepared with all of the resources they need. This year, it means they must be prepared with certain applications that will be used to facilitate the learning process.


Grades 6-12 will be required to bring their digital tool to school with them.

Grades 3,4,5 may be asked to for certain learning activities.

Grade 1&2 should be prepared to use digital tools at home.

We will be using Class Dojo in grades 1,2,3 and Edmodo in grades 4-12 as learning platforms. These will be our primary source of communication and announcements. We will be transitioning to sending all correspondences on these platforms.

Please download the following applications to get prepared:

  • Class Dojo (g1,2,3) / Edmodo (g4-12) and Edmodo for Parents
  • Zoom

You can find complete details about our technology commitment at this link:


Please wait for more information to come soon including:

  • Group and class assignment
  • Handbook, course outlines, ebooks, required applications to download
  • Instructions on creating Class Dojo and Edmodo accounts
  • Schedules
  • Teacher contact information
  • Schedule to bring in books (g1-4)


Thank you for your cooperation. Stay safe and God bless.