Curriculum and Assessment

We offer a standard based curriculum that meets the needs of a rigorous American curriculum as well as Egyptian and International University requirements. EAIS is aligned to the US Common Core Standards for English and Mathematics, McRel International Standards for Science and California State Standards for Social Studies. Additionally, EAIS Math and Science high school curricula are further aligned to national standards and university requirements. Beside the International curriculum, students also study the national Egyptian Arabic, Religion and Social Studies courses.

EAIS recognizes the need to expose students to areas of study to help them discover interests and talents and develop their characters. Character education, physical education, drama, music, and art are part of our program.

All courses are designed to allow students maximum application of concepts, developing their personalities, creativity and problem solving skills as well as critical thinking skills.

In addition to a full course load, students are also given intense preparation for the SAT examination, giving them the full qualifications to apply to both local and international universities.

EAIS establishes and maintains a clearly defined comprehensive assessment system.
Students are assessed using classroom assessments, summativeassessments, standardized tests (MAP- SAT- MOE Tests)MAP (Measured Academic Progress) Test is acomputer adaptive standardized assessmentadministered to our students to assess their performance against their peers all over the world as well as their progress throughout the year.