Superintendent letter

Dearest ELSian Family,mrsmervat2012

Over 21 years ago the Egyptian Language School was born from a dream and a vision of “roots and wings”… roots to ground us and give us the strong foundation upon which to build… Wings being the dreams that would take flight in the future generations we hoped to nurture and see soaring to successes.   We planted the seeds so many years ago. They took to the ground and made solid roots. The seeds were watered with love and care and fed with a system of best practices garnered with time and experience.

As over two decades passed we can say this dream has manifested into a reality.  Year after year we have educated, developed and grown successful Egyptian leaders and contributors to society. Our graduates are the wings and they have soared to tremendous heights.  These young men and women embody our vision in the way they think and act. Seeing them amongst others, they do stand out. They are ready to face challenges head on and make of them opportunities for improvement.

During the educational journey at ELS students are equipped with the tools they need to take risks and handle changes. In this time of great change in our country we are confident that our students will persist and persevere in continued standards of excellence for themselves and their country.

As our ELSian family grows to include our graduates among our faculty and the children of our graduates among our student body we commit to continue working hard and focusing on quality for the coming generations.

These are the keys that will open the doors to success in our future Egypt.

School Superintendent
MRs.Mervat Bassiouni