Head mistress letter

Dear parents,

Welcome to what promises to be “A Sound Learning Environment School Year at the Egyptian Language School“.
We are incredibly excited about this academic year 2015-2016 and know that it is filled with golden opportunities for all our students and we always strive to find ways that we can be even better than we have before!

Our Goals this year include developing higher levels of thinking and learning and also higher levels of engagement opportunities.

The caring and dedicated staff at ELS will accomplish this by engaging meaningful high academic expectations and supportive system inside classrooms along with some fun and special events though curricular and extra-curricular activities we offer outside classrooms.

We do believe that making a positive difference in the lives of our children needs supportive home/school communication and partnership to achieve their highest potentials.

SO, working together, your involvement and support are greatly appreciated as they are the key to your child’s success during his/her primary stage.

We ask you to guide the learning process of your child by insuring that he / she:-

  • Attends school daily and arrives “On Time”, ready for the day’s experience.
  • Completes “All Homework” assignments given by teachers.
  • “Shares School Experience” with you so that you are aware of his / her school life.
  • “Ready Daily” to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills.
  • Informs you if he / she needs “Additional Support” in any area to inform his / her teacher.
  • Knows that “You Expect him / her to succeed “ in school and always does his / her best.

Finally, we welcome you to “ELS” and to our wonderful professional learning community…. A place alive with much Energy …… Enthusiasm ……… and a High standard of Excellence!
It is, indeed, a place where opportunities Abound!
Your continuous support make such a difference in our ability to succeed at “ELS”.

Mrs. Hanan Nassar
Primary-Co Headmistress