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House System

The house system is intended to encourage our pupils to contribute to the wider school community and understand and uphold the values promoted by the school.
Each pupil from Year 1-8 is allocated a house. During the school year pupils will collect house points, at the end of the term, house points are gathered and the house with the most points receives the House Cup.

EBIS has four houses:

England (white), Scotland (Blue), Wales (Red) Northern Ireland (Green).
Pupils may collect house points by any of the following methods:

  • Outstanding behaviour, impeccable manners or showing evidence of being an exceptional member of the school community.
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Winning school competition i.e. classroom decoration, spell-a-thon, sport related tournament
  • Exceptional Academic Improvement on a piece of work, or extraordinary effort exerted on class work, homework or project.

Pupils may have house points deducted in the event inappropriate behavior or failure to complete required work