Mission and Vision

“To teach for life … not for school”

Our goal is to impart the academic knowledge and life skills that our students need to become critical thinkers and problem solvers to excel academically, and also to instill the values of respect, responsibility and a collective consciousness. We teach for life to allow our students to succeed beyond their schooling and become positive contributors as citizens of their communities at large.

EAIS 6 Keys:
* critical thinking  * problem solving * academic excellence  * respect * responsibility * citizenship


Expectations / Values and Beliefs

School Quality Policy
Beliefs: At EAIS we believe . . .
Values: At EAIS we commit to . . .
Student Expectations


History / Profile

The Promise of a Good Education
Curriculum & Assessment
Academic Support
Promotion to the Next Grade Level

Graduation Requirements & the SAT

Student entrance to universities (local or international) requires the students to achieve scores that are based on 60% from SAT scores and 40% from school course work. The school provides intensive and professional SAT classes beginning grade 10 to prepare students to tackle SAT exams and achieve the best results.

Students have 12 opportunities to sit for SAT I and SAT II Subject Exams throughout grades 11 and 12. Students begin extensive SAT Preparation in grade 10 and continue with assistance from school through grade 12.

To be granted admission to any institute of higher learning in Egypt, students must receive a total minimum score of 1200 on the SAT for private universities, and 1490 for public universities. Students graduation scores are calculated by taking 40% of the top 8 marks received in grade 10 (max. of 1 grade), grade 11 (max. of 3 grades) and grade12 (min. of 5 grades), and 60% of the SAT score. Some universities also give a 15% bonus for SAT II examinations taken (must have a total score of over 1000 on two exams).

The only SAT II examinations recognized in Egypt are math level I and II, biology, chemistry, and physics. Passing marks and subject requirements are subject to change based on Egyptian Ministry of Education and university requirements. Individual consulting is conducted throughout the year with students and parents to estimate students’ graduation results and provide counseling with regard to university choices.

EAIS offers SAT registration help. More information will be provided from the high school GDS.